Best Italian restaurants to eat your heart out in Perth

Perth is a vibrant multicultural city that is known for its delectable bites from across the globe. A food lovers paradise there is nowhere else where you can get your hands on such a large variety of international cuisine of the same high calibre you will find here.

One of the most universally loved fare is homemade Italian food in the style your grandmother would make. Thankfully, Perth has many restaurants and eateries that are happy to offer this to you. We have created a list of the best Italian restaurants in Perth so you can eat happily and your heart’s content.

All the restaurants below have been issued the prestigious Ospitalita Italiana award by the Italian Chamber of Commerce, recognizing that their food, traditions and authenticity makes them worthy of being seen as ambassadors of Italian culture. This ensures that you are truly experiencing a taste of Italy when you dine at these establishments.  


Galileo Buona Cucina

 This restaurant has a modernized Italian menu that caters for all diets including vegetarians, vegans and those with gluten free needs. The menu is seasonal and focuses on high quality ingredients that are sourced locally where possible. Their wine list is also impressive boasting over 400 wines. The woodfired ovens ensure that meat is cooked to perfection and the restaurant is known for it’s fabulous customer service. We recommend booking a table in advance.


Julio’s Italian Restaurant

 Julio’s is another Italian restaurant that can cater for nearly any diet. It is famous for its cheese. Four of the cheeses here have been granted a DOP or Denominazione di Origine Protetta which ensures that the origin of the cheese is protected, and it is made to a high standard. For under $20 you can try two of these delicious cheeses and have an amazing culinary experience rarely found outside of Italy. They offer cheeses made of cow’s milk and sheep’s milk for those who want to try something different.



 This establishment may be on the pricier end of the spectrum, but the food is divine and there is a wide variety including delectable meats such as veal and duck. Known for its ambience locals often dine here to celebrate birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Perugino’s serves a variety of Italian wines as well as wines from beloved Western Australian wine regions including the Swan Valley and Margaret River.


Gargano Pizzeria

 You will be hard-pressed to find an Italian restaurant that is more homely than Gargano Pizzeria. This small  restaurant has a vibrant ambiance and there is often live music. The pasta is made with love and care and the simple yet flavourful food is always a hit with patrons. The wait staff are highly attentive to individual needs. The menu is not limited to Pizza and is quite varied and includes seafood dishes and traditional Italian sausage.


There are hundreds of Italian restaurants in Perth, and many of them use high quality ingredients and showcase a true piece of Italian food and culture. There are many delicious tasty treats to try and you can easily eat your way across Italy without needing to jump on a plane. 

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