Gourmet Olive Oil – How It Is Made and Its Uses

Gourmet Olive Oil - How It Is Made and Its Uses

Gourmet olive oil possesses many characteristics that make it ahead of the other types of oil. Aside from it having many benefits to our health, it also has many uses. Keep reading and learn more about gourmet olive oil and why is it popular to be a part of many dishes. 

To get the best quality olive oil is to pamper the olive tree so that it can give you a healthy olive fruit. The healthy olive fruit can give you the best oil harvest. Aside from the healthy olive fruit, it also requires paying attention to the extraction process. Maintaining low temperatures can preserve the natural aroma and flavor of the reproduced olive oil. It is also important that the process must be carried out soon as the olive fruits were harvested. We don’t want the freshly picked fruits to get deteriorated. 

How to Make Gourmet Olive Oil

Making the best gourmet olive oil depends on how the process was take place. There are three important factors that affect the process before the olive becomes completely olive oil.

Gourmet Olive Oil - How It Is Made and Its Uses
Gourmet Olive Oil – How It Is Made and Its Uses


  1. When to harvest the olive fruit
    Gourmet olive oil makers know exactly when to harvest that olive fruit. Knowing exactly when to harvest the olives is one of the most important factors in making gourmet olive oil. Harvesting them early can make the product not taste like oil. While harvesting them too late will leave it a darker color. But if it was harvested at the right time, it will produce enough amount of oil with the right taste.

  2. Choosing the right olive fruit
    Another most important factor is choosing the right olive. Not all olives in the olive tree are fit to make oil. Even though if they were born on the same tree, there were some who are more formed compared to the others. And also, the age of the tree affects its fruits. As it reaches seven to eight years, the olive tree has its full fruit property.

  3. The entire reproduction process
    This factor varies upon how the Mill Master handles the process. Some millers may be following the same procedure but it differs on how they personally handle it. A gourmet olive oil is obtained by cold pressing. With this, the olive can retain the taste and aroma of the fruit. When the juice has been extracted, the filtration process will then take place. 

Uses of Gourmet Olive Oil

Gourmet Olive Oil is already out in the market and one place to find it is by purchasing it online through the Kynetol Olive Oil Website. Keep reading and find the many ways that gourmet olive oil can be used in different ways to add a specialty to your dishes.

Gourmet Olive Oil - How It Is Made and Its Uses
Gourmet Olive Oil – How It Is Made and Its Uses


  1. You can use it for a marinade
    A marinade usually consists of oil, vinegar, spices, and herbs. Replace the ordinary oil ingredient with the gourmet olive oil to make an even better taste.

  2. It can add a special taste and aroma to the grilled meat
    Instead of using ordinary or less special oil, use the gourmet olive oil for grilling meat.

  3. Use it to make a bread dip
    You can smell the good olive oil aroma as the piece of dipped bread enters your mouth.

  4. Add olive oil flavor to your scrambled eggs
    A simple recipe that can be special with the added olive oil on it.

  5. Make your roasted vegetable special with gourmet olive oil
    Some doesn’t like vegetables even if it is roasted. But things will get different when it is roasted with gourmet olive oil. It gives an appetizing aroma.

  6. It makes your salad even tastier
    With olive oil, salad can even be tastier and appetizing. It also leaves a beautiful scent of olive. 


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