Must visit cultural sites when visiting Perth

Fremantle Prison

 Fremantle prison opened in 1855 and was closed in 1991 due to human rights abuses. It is now a thriving museum and token of Western Australia’s convict past. It played a significant role in Western Australia’s development and is currently recognised as one of Perth’s most iconic landmarks. It is the only World Heritage Site in Western Australia. You can walk through parts of the grounds and view the museum for free or take one of the unique tours including exploring the tunnels.


Western Australian Shipwrecks Museum

 The Western Australian Shipwrecks Museum is recognised as one of the best maritime museums in the Southern Hemisphere. This museum houses hundreds of relics and reminders of the many shipwrecks that occurred along the Western Australian coastline. It contains a large amount of artefacts from the many Dutch ships that sailed to Australia’s shores. A large amount of the museum’s collection was salvaged from ships that were wrecked in the early years of Perth’s settlement.


Kings Park

Kings Park is the most popular destination for tourists in Perth. A mix of botanical gardens and native bushland the park also contains an amazing adventure playgroup for kids, and gorgeous walkways for adults to enjoy. Within Kings Park are two registered Aboriginal heritage sites that are of significant importance to the Noongar people. These are the Kings Park Scarred Tree and the Waugal.The Waugal is said to be the manifestation of a rainbow serpent who maintains freshwater sources belonging to the Noongar people. It is believed that the Waugal made the Noongar people custodians of the land. Kings Park itself was also once a hunting ground of the Noongar people and has historical and spiritual significance.


Perth Cultural Centre

 The Perth Cultural Centre is a complex containing many arts buildings including the State Library of Western Australia, the Blue Room Theatre, Art Gallery of Western Australia, PICA and the Western Australian Museum. The complex is centrally located and is a vibrant hub of cultural events and activities through-out the year. Due to the large variety of venues within the complex it is easy to find something that will entertain everyone.


The Perth Mint

 The Perth Mint is not just a place where money is made but it is home to many icons of the Western Australian Goldrush. At the Perth Mint you can watch a live gold pour, touch a gold bullion bar, and view the record breaking one tonne gold coin. A fantastic place to explore or take the kids for a fun afternoon of financial exploration.


Perth has many cultural icons and if you are prepared to stray a little further from the centre you can discover many more delights including New Norcia, a town entirely settled by Spanish Benedictine monks with 7 monks currently in residence. You could also explore the famous Rottnest Island and take a selfie with the Quokka’s or take a trip up the Swan Valley to enjoy the wide variety of home-made wines that the region has to offer. Whatever you are searching for, Perth has it and is just waiting for you to discover all the city has to offer.

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